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Web Address Change to .Bank Domain

Web Address Change to .Bank Domain

Our web address will soon be changing from a .com domain to a .bank domain.

Change you will see in the web address: communityspiritbank.com will become communityspirit.bank

Anything you need to do differently?

No. Once our new .bank domain is live you will be automatically forwarded to the new domain extension.

Why the change in web address domain?

Enhanced security - The .bank domain is governed to offer a trusted, verified, more secure and easily identifiable location on the internet for financial services and the consumers we serve.

.Bank domains are verified - Only legitimate members of the banking community are awarded a .bank domain name.

Strong encryptions - .Bank offers security that protects the content of data in web browser communications; creating a more secure site!

Email authentication - .Bank utilizes domain based message authentication; giving your email service provider higher assurance that mail originating from a .bank domain in fact came from our organization, not a malicious actor.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing issue for our society today. Protecting ourselves from fraud, identity theft, phishing emails, account takeover and more has never been more prevalent. Our conversion to a .bank domain from a .com, is just one more way we want to help keep you and your account safe!