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Fraud Alert: Spoofed Calls

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Scammers never rest and that means you can’t ever be too careful! Spoofed calls appear to be from a legitimate bank phone number and are harder to spot than an unknown caller.

If you ever receive a call asking for personal login information or for personally identifiable information - Be On Alert!

The bank has this information already and would not need to get it from you in order to verify transaction information or fraud on your account.

If ever in doubt, hang up! And call the bank directly during normal operating hours. Better safe than sorry. Stay vigilant and scammer aware!

Fraudsters like to make you feel panic so you take action instead of thinking through what is safe to share.

Read more about how to stay safe from “Panic” Red Flags at our previous article. https://www.communityspirit.bank/view-news-events/172-panic